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November 2014 - Mallory Rauch receives poster Award at the 2014 AIChE Meeting

Mallory Rauch (4th year BME student) was awarded Honorable Mention at the 2014 AES Electrophoresis Society graduate student poster competition, during the AES Annual Meeting held in conjunction with the 2014 AIChE Annual Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, 11/2014. Note: this is a graduate student competition; it was impressive for Mallory to be among the top presenters, since she is an undergraduate. (link). This work was funded by the National Science Foundation (Award CBET-1336160).
Congratulations Mallory!

Research at Rochester Institute of Technology

Mallory is a third year Biomedical Engineering student at RIT. She is currently doing her first co-op as a research assistant at the Microscale Bioseparations Laboratory.

Academic Background


Refereed journal articles

  1. Saucedo-Espinosa, M.A.; Rauch, M. ;Lalonde, A. and Lapizco-Encinas, B.H.; Polarization behavior of polystyrene particles under direct current and low frequency (< 1 kHz) electric fields in dielectrophoretic systems; IN PRESS, Electrophoresis, 2015.

Conference Presentations